Weekly Newsletter 2/25

Thursday, February 25, 2016 2:34 PM Posted by Gina Lavoie
THE HOOT -  News from Ms. Lavoie’s Second Grade - 2/26/16
Hello Everyone,
It was so nice to connect with everyone after February vacation! We are off and running and busy as ever, getting so much learning in before the end of the second trimester.  Here are some of our highlights:
Memoir Project- The first steps to working on our projects began this week.  The children read their notes so they were fresh in their minds and then verbally told a partner what they thought the beginning, middle and end of their story might be. We then explored another memoir called Big Mamma’s by Donald Crews.  We looked at how this author developed the setting in his book. The kiddos then worked on developing their own story settings by using the five senses.  We also worked on producing a good lead for our stories.
Science - We met as a whole second grade again to revisit our experiment with the three different combinations of water when put in the freezer.  One bottle was plain water, one was water mixed with salt, and the third was water mixed with oil. Students checked out each bottle carefully and then we compared our findings with our hypotheses.  It was fun to see which were correct and which we were surprised by!  We then learned that there is a fourth state of matter!!!  It is plasma!!   We saw a quick little informational video about what things fall into this category. Interesting!!!
Math - We continue to settle into our new math group and work on our second grade money standard. Everyone is showing what they know and working on new skills!
Reading- Our reading strategy this week has been on how to look for the main idea in a book as well as in individual paragraphs to help us better understand nonfiction text.  

Calendar of Events
2/29- Mystery Liquid Homework due
3/18 - Workshop day!  No School

3/25 - End Of Trimester

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