Weekly Newletter 12/18

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 2:50 PM Posted by Gina Lavoie
THE HOOT -  News from Ms. Lavoie’s Second Grade - 12/18/15
Happy Friday!
This week has been full of so many things with the approaching holiday!  We have tried to keep learning to a maximum by connecting as many things as possible.  Math has been focussed but with a holiday theme.  Reading and writing have focussed on skills with a holiday theme as well as a look into the stylings of author Jan Brett.  Bus safety kicked off our week, student council fun carried us through the week and the Trimester Tea brought us to the end.
The Trimester Tea for writing was a wonderful success!  Thank you to everyone who was able to send in ice tea and cookies for this event!  Our special guest author was one of our very own 5th grade teachers, Heidi Bullen.  She is the author of the book Eddy The Yeti.  She talked to second graders about key parts of the writing process which included brainstorming ideas, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.  She even brought along Eddy himself!
Next Week: Our holiday party will take place on Monday in the afternoon and begin around 1:15. We will do our secret santa gifts and have our special treats.  Thank you to all who were able to help with treats and supplies.  On Tuesday afternoon we will be having our December Coyote Coupon Celebration!  
Christmas Break Reading Challenge:  Attached you will find a green paper that is the Christmas Break Reading Challenge.  It is full of fun reading challenges for your child to do over the break to keep his/her reading skills sharp.  If they are able to meet the challenge of completing 10 of the activities they will be rewarded with a coyote coupon because they are showing they are responsible for their own learning and perhaps another small treat. :-)
Lunch Menu:  Unfortunately we will not have a completed January lunch menu before Christmas Break, but here is the first week to get us started!
1/4 - Popcorn Chicken
1/5 - Brunch for Lunch (Pancakes & Sausage)
1/6 - Italian Sandwich
1/7 - Hot Dog
1/8 - Pizza
Rug Rats Skiing:  Please find the attached Rug Rats skiing reminder sheet.  Since we will be skiing on the first day back from vacation, it is crucial that this form be filled out for proper pick up information and that your child be dressed appropriately!  Please return the completed form with your child in his/her yellow folder.  Thank you!
Gina Lavoie
Please have a wonderfully festive and memorable holiday with your families!
Dates To Remember:
12/21 - Classroom Parties
12/22 - Coyote Coupon Celebration
12/23 - Christmas Vacation Week Begins!
1/4 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
1/22 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
1/25 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
2/1 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30

2/8 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30

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