12/11 Weekly Newsletter

Sunday, December 13, 2015 9:07 AM Posted by Gina Lavoie
THE HOOT -  News from Ms. Lavoie’s Second Grade - 12/11/15

A Fabulous Friday to You!
Second graders are all abuzz with excitement over our upcoming Author's’ Tea!  On December 17th we are having a guest author visit in the morning to talk about the writing process and share her published book.  In the afternoon we are going to meet in the cafeteria to share our writing with each other.  We have practiced whole body listening in our classroom (ears listening, eyes looking, brain thinking, mouth quiet, feet and hands still).  Giving our second grade friends respect when they share is a skill in itself!  We will then have a celebration tea party with iced tea and cookies.  The second graders have decorated their own mugs for the occasion.  We are looking for donations of iced tea and cookies for our celebration.  Please let me know if you are able to send in either.   

Our holiday party takes place on Monday, December 21st at 1:10pm.  Just a reminder:  Please try to keep the price of the gift between $4 and $5.  The class has decided that they want to try to keep it a secret as to whom they are giving a gift for.  On the tag of the gift they send in, they should put a ? on who it is from.   Gifts can arrive anytime.  Please have your child’s gift in by December 18.  In order to help your child keep the gift a secret, please place the wrapped gift in a plastic bag and have your child give the bag to me, and I will place it under the tree when no one is looking.   Thank you!  Gina Lavoie

Dates To Remember:
12/18 - Report cards coming home
12/21 - Classroom Parties
12/22 - Coyote Coupon Celebration
12/23 - Christmas Vacation Week Begins!
1/4 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
1/22 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
1/25 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
2/1 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30
2/8 - Rug Rats PM - Pick up at 4:30

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