Weekly Newsletter 10/23

Saturday, October 24, 2015 4:07 PM Posted by Gina Lavoie
THE HOOT -  News from Ms. Lavoie’s Second Grade - 10/23/15

Hi Everyone,
We are cruising through October!  Next week we will be celebrating Halloween on Friday with our parade through town at 1:15pm.  Please have your child bring in their costume and we will get ready after our lunch recess.  If you are available to walk with us, or help students with their costumes, please arrive around 1:00pm.
         It has been determined that the whole school Coyote Reward assembly will be first thing in the morning.  We will have a special snack and some fun activities after library.  Thank you Marcy for providing veggies and dip.  Is there anyone willing to send in a drink?  I already have cups.  We will not need anymore than this as the children will have had their regular snack at 10:00 and this celebration is right before lunch.
Also, as a reminder, if your child has picked a spelling activity that is not working - for example, it requires computer access and your internet is down.  Please help your child find something that works.  Keep in mind, the goal is to learn how to spell and understand what the words mean.  Your child can put the words in A -Z order, write the words twice, write them in a sentence, or take a test with your assistance.  You decide how to best help your child.  If the activities listed on the homework paper do not work for you, find something that helps your child learn the words.  
Math groups continue to give it their all!  We have been practicing skills for Numbers and Operations in Base 10.  Some of these skills include: counting to 1000, skip counting by 5’s, 10’s, 100’s, and reading and writing numbers to 1000 using numerals, number names and expanded form.  We are also working on getting faster at addition.  We are reviewing addition strategies and using them to pick up speed.  If you have access to a computer, your child can practice at home on XTRA math and IXL.  There are so many wonderful math web sites that make learning fun.  If you are having any trouble signing on at home, please let me know.  
We started new Language Arts skill work this week.  We are learning about proper & common nouns, irregular plural nouns, reflexive pronouns, collective nouns, and homophones.  We are rotating into all the second grade classrooms to learn these important ELA skills.  They are skills that will be reported on the first trimester report card.

Gina Lavoie
Dates to remember:
10/30 - Halloween Parade @ 1:15pm
11/3 - No School (Workshop Day)
11/4 - Flu Shots
11/11 - No School - Veteran’s Day
11/12, 11/13 & 11/16 - Tooth Fairies
11/19 - P/T Conferences
11/23 - P/T Conferences
11/25 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

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