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Saturday, September 26, 2015 7:39 PM Posted by Gina Lavoie
THE HOOT -  News from Ms. Lavoie’s Second Grade - 9/25/15
Dear Parents,
We have had a busy week in second grade!  The NWEA fall testing is over, (except for a few make-up tests), and we are beginning to get into a good routine.  We have switched our schedule to a literacy block in the morning, math at 11:05 am after our special, and science, social studies, or writing workshop in the afternoon.  
This week our afternoons focused on:  SCIENCE ACTIVITIES  In Mrs. Wight’s room, second graders enjoyed the seed dispersal game where they discovered animals play an important role in dispersing seeds.  Some seeds get eaten, some just don't survive, some get buried (make more plants), and some get stuck to fur and may or may not survive.
In  my room, students participated in a hands-on activity that demonstrated how bees pollinate flowers.  The activity was designed to bring pollination to life for our second graders as they were suppose to see how the pollen moves from flower to flower. We were still able to see this through video representation as we learned that sometimes experiments need to be tweaked in order to work. Scientists are always learning!
In Mrs. Lee’s room it was all about the soil.  Students took an in depth look at the difference between loam, silt, sand, clay, and rock.  They observed the way water flows through the different materials (permeability).  They discussed the importance of nutrient rich soil to grow healthy plants.  
Homework: I am pleased with the effort students are making to complete spelling activities, study spelling words, and keep track of their reading progress.  Your effort and support makes the difference! (See the attached letter for more information on the Reading Log Homework.)
RAZ: Second graders can use Raz Kids for their Reading Homework as well.  Attached is the information to get online and their passwords.
Other Services:  Once all the data from the NWEA are in, we will be meeting to discuss Title One Reading and Math services and G/T math.  
Math: Students are still being taught all the strategies for learning their math facts.  We will continue to work on the zero property, starting with the biggest number then adding 1 , 2, or 3 (2 + 7; think 7, 8, 9) making ten (8 + 5; think 10 + 3), and all the combinations that make ten.  Knowing their facts is key to their success in many of the upcoming math lessons.  Please practice with your child at home.  I recommend card games, the Dollar Tree has flash cards, practicing in the car, etc.  
Dates to remember:
10/9 - No School (Workshop Day)
10/12 - No School - Columbus Day
10/13 – School Picture Day
10/16 – Grandparent’s Day at CPS
11/3 - No School (Workshop Day)
11/4 - Flu Shots
11/11 - No School - Veteran’s Day
11/25 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break
Ms. Lavoie

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